Sometimes you may find website changes do not show immediately in your web browser on your website. 

This is due to 2 potential reasons:

1. The website cache is still serving old files and not showing the new information.

To fix this, log into your admin area of your website and click the "Clear Cache" shortcut text link in the footer bar.

2. Your website browser has old cache and must be cleaned.

FIrst off, we always highly recommend using only Google Chrome for your web browser on any and all of your devices.  Once you're in Chrome, download and install Clear Cache. Next choose the following options for Clear Cache:

✔ Automatically reload active tab after clearing data (Under Reload)

✔ Cache (Data to Remove)

✔ Everything (Time Period)

Finally, close this tab, go back to your website and click the new triangle recycle button in the top right of your browser to show the new information.